Morning Glory

by Silver on the Tree

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This album is dedicated to the spirit of the land, our ancient heritage, which is the inspiration for all our music. It is a prayer for the restoration of the Goddess to her rightful place, in true balance with the divine male principle, so that we may dance our dreams awake in the wild open spaces in between.... We wish to heal our alignment with this beautiful planet through music and dance, to balance Male and Female, Earth and Heaven, Sun and Moon, Spirit and Matter.


released March 22, 1996

Produced by Daevid Allen


all rights reserved



Silver on the Tree Glastonbury, UK

Avalonian Acapella and gossamer webbed harmonies to dance the dreaming Earth Awake

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Track Name: Morning Glory
Morning Glory Sun
See Super Nova
Shaking loose his Golden hair
Spreads his Goodness everywhere
Morning Glory Sun.
Track Name: Trees
Trees, trees are wondrous things
Leaves and flowers flutter in the breeze
Twisting and turning into the sky
Spiralling up into the night.

Centuries marked upon these trees
Mystical stories unfold in the wind
Golden leaves they shower the sky
Sunlight beams through them as they twirl and fly.
Track Name: Sun Queen
Leafy green, ever the Spring Queen
Comes to my door
Blossom of snow what do you know
In your own heart?
Rainbows of dew sparkling new
As ever before
Now we are here joy sheds a tear
Time come to start we're falling apart
'Cos you're never alone
Feel it grow in the bone
Warm breath of fellows unseen
From an inch to an hour
Like a ripening flower
Pulse from a stem
To a wakening dream.

Sun Queen, shimmering downstream
Dazzle my soul in a daydream,
Sun Queen, shimmering downstream
Dazzle my soul.

Sister come slowly where your soil is loamy
Your wish is my desire
Your love I kindle like flax round a spindle
Come let me sit by your fire
Let me stir tenderly your cauldron of memory
And warm up the love in your heart

Let me cook millet in your copper skillet
And taste of it, lest we forget
That you're never alone

Sun Queen, shimmering downstream
Dazzle my soul in a daydream,
Dazzle my soul, Queen of the maybe summertime.
Track Name: Blood Mother
I wanna crumble into your dust
Drown in your seas
Burn up with your desire
Blow away in your breeze.

The chattering stones and gurgling streams
The warmth of the sun and the caressing breeze
You are my Blood,
Blood Mother.

Red is the colour of the river of life
Black is your body there are stars in your eyes
Deep in your womb my spirit is sleeping
Deep in my heart your spirit is stirring

Put it in the pot fill the thing up
You know there's enough to fill everyone's cup (up)
Blood Mother.
Track Name: Cailleach
Little boy sitting at the window
Watching the world go by
Somewhere out in Srebrenica
Another boy has to die
Watching the sky as the clouds turn to rain
Wondering if it has to be this way
Again and again

Cailleagh... Mother of all
The night crow comes
To show us our world
Cailleagh... come when we call
The night crow comes
To purify our souls. /us all (on last verse)

Mama crow sitting on the rooftop
Watches the world with one eye
Spreading out her feathered wings
She utters a warning cry
Look deep within to investigate the cause
She will change everything, we can but do
That which is ours.


Om kang Kalika Nama Om
Track Name: Sarajevo
In Sarajevo the people are dying, Oh no
The children and mothers are dying, Oh no
In Sarajevo the men with guns are killing
At Medjugorye she warned us all


Sarajevo, Siskei, Somalia

In Siskei the people are dying, Oh no
The children and mothers are dying, Oh no
In Siskei the men with guns are killing
At Medjugorye Mary asked we pray


In Somalia the people are dying, Oh no
The children and mothers are dying, Oh no
In Somalia the men with guns are killing
Oh the Queen of heaven, she warned us all
Track Name: Ana Ana
Ana Ana, Dana Danu
Annis, Anu, Rhiannon
O Morgana, triple Ana
Ave, Avu, Avalon.
Track Name: Hazelwood
I went out to the hazelwood
Because a fire was in my head
And I cut and trimmed a hazel wand
And hooked a berry to a thread

And when white moths were on the wing
And moth-like stars were flickering out
I dropped a berry in a stream
And caught a little silver trout

And when I laid it on the floor
And went to blow the fire aflame
Something rustled on the floor
And someone called me by my name

It had become a glimmering girl
With apple blossoms in her hair
Who called me by name and ran
And faded through the brightening air

Now when I'm old from wandering
Through hollow lands and hilly lands
I will find out where she has gone
And kiss her lips and take her hands

And walk among tall dappled grass
And pluck till time and times are done
The silver apples of the moon
The golden apples of the sun.
Track Name: Manannan
Watching the mist come rolling in
Tracing soggy circles on the mossy ground
Making tea at my grandad's hearth
Listening out for the pixie's laugh

The compass point turns round and round
Will we ever be found
Standing stone on barren ground
Point us home from the pixie's path

Falling rain on iron road
Bring me a chariot to carry my load
Take us home for tea and for buns
And happy tell-tales of pixie land
Guardian of the summerland
Track Name: Wych Elm
I told him 'No don't cut the Wych elm down
She's been standing in the forest at the gateway to our town
Since the men in black with their wooden crosses came'

Bella was a woman who lived in our village
Healing the sick and tending her land
Every child born owed its life to our Bella
My first breath was drawn by the touch of her hand

Don't put your axe against her I swear that she will bleed
Woodsman she's a woman leave her in peace'

Came there a young man down to our village
Clothes black as night-time with eyes bright and cold
The folk of the village he loved as a priest loves
But Bella he loved as a young man brave and bold

I cannot be yours I belong to the Earth sir
You cannot be mine you are sworn to the sky
Take heed of your vows priest the Gods cannot be cheated
Not even by a heart that is deceived by the eye

Your words gentle Bella they mark me for callow
And I swear by the Christ now so mark my words well
If you will not love me you'll go to none other
As a witch you will burn I consign thee to Hell

She's guarded by God and by powers unknown
If you value your life/(soul) woodsman leave her alone

On the eve of All Hallows as Bella was dancing
In the light of her beacon - naked and free
Out from the darkness a priest came a-walking
Bella tonight you will lie here with me

The ground underneath them it growled and trembled
The couple were shaken and Bella broke free
And when the quake was over the clearing was empty
The priest stood alone 'twixt a fire and a tree

Gone is the woodsman gone from this village
Here in the forest I now walk alone
In the clearing the Wych elm still stands by the river
In the grass lies an axe and a pillar of stone
Track Name: Messiah
Many mouths say Messiah,
Messiah when will come
He will rise by the standing stones
Rise by the rising Sun King

Many mouths say the Mother
The Mother she comes soon
She was born with the pregnant earth
Rise with the waxing Moon Mother, Maya Mother

Many mouths say the child
The child when will come (repeat)
The child is born in all of us
For now our time has come
Track Name: Merry Meet
May the circle be open yet unbroken
May the love of God and Goddess be ever in your heart
Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.

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